TicketStumbler: January 2008 to November 2010

After nearly three years, TicketStumbler is no more.

The site had been on life support since the tragic death of my co-founder in late 2009. My heart was never in returning to active development but I kept the site online because it was useful to a lot of people. Most of those people have now gone elsewhere—and who could blame them: there are now much better alternatives. And I moved on, too. I caught the startup bug again and have already begun work on the "next big thing."

To all those who used TicketStumbler: you unwittingly supported the crazy entrepreneurial dream of a couple disenchanted Ohioans, and for that I thank you with all my heart. To all our wonderful friends and loved ones who provided feedback and support, thanks for making TicketStumbler the great product that it was. And to Dan: thanks for being the rare sort of friend who'd start such a journey. My one regret is you won't be here at the end—there is still so much road left to travel.


For everything that could have been,
Well at least we took the ride.